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My courses are designed around progressive learning particularly for beginners and people wishing to consolidate their understanding. My courses have elements in them for: 



Informative Learning Courses that focus on teaching and practicing the various homework techniques I often give clients.  These are the common themes that come up in healings for many clients and include issues around relationships and how different people can affect you in different ways. These courses often spend time on specific student raised questions. We have found this to be beneficial to all students.


Essential Learning courses which focus on teaching the principles of spiritual thinking and how to move from your current physical and emotional space to one of abundance, joy and peace


Self Help courses which teach you techniques to manage your energy and heal yourself.


Intuitive Healing courses which give you the ability to also heal others as well.


My courses will start you at the beginning and guide you through to advanced levels of understanding & connection & position you perfectly to fully awaken.

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Flower Essence Consults

I am an experienced practitioner in:

Bach Flower Essences which are based on English flowers

Australian Bush Flower Essences  which are based on Australian Flowers

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It is widely understood that meditation brings about many benefits to our lives.  It gives us the ability to release tension, connect to spirit and find peace, love, forgiveness and health.  
However for many; meditation is difficult. Difficult to find time to do it; more difficult to remain focused on it.  Thinking of nothing is not as easy it sounds.

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Soul Intent Parties

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