Healing Services

Intuitive Healing

I provide Intuitive Healing which uses several techniques and modalities.  As a result of my studies and practice I have found a number of healing processes that work well together and resonant with me. These techniques have created my personal style which my healing centre is based on.

I work with universal energy to channel healing through my hands in particular. I may work above your body or place my hands on your body to channel this energy to you.  I often draw on the Angelic Realm, Pleadian guides and Shamanic practices.

 I enhance my healings using healing music, crystals, flower essences and beautifully energetic essential oils.  I  will occasionally tone (hum over your chakras), use drums, rattles and singing bowls.  I have  found that whatever I am guided to do it will be appropriate to my client’s sensibilities and interests.



A Typical Healing

While all healings are individual to your needs there are some common practises that I use.



After Your Healing

A healing works to remove energy blockages and does cause your body to eliminate toxins from your body.  This does result in some side effects.  I have created a fact sheet to explain this in detail.