Soul Intent Parties

Society has become more aware of various alternative natural therapies.  It’s confusing.   What’s right, what’s wrong?  How do they work and how do they interact.  Some people believe in a higher power and some people don’t but are curious about various concepts.


While it is impossible to discuss all things in any depth, it is possible to give you a glimpse of understanding into the bigger picture while having a little bit of fun. Have a go at a three card reading.  Feel an aura.  Understand what a chakra is.  Do a mini meditation. Find a crystal, essential oil or flower essence that might be able to help you with a matter you are having a problem with.  Maybe get a little insight into the lesson you need to learn.


This is a light hearted play and learning session.  At a minimum it might just give you a bit more confidence to go out into the world and investigate alternative therapies that you are drawn to.


Call me to arrange a party.  I am happy to design the teaching component to suit people’s interests or to build on previous parties so it is not repetitive.


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