It is widely understood that meditation brings about many benefits to our lives.  It gives us the ability to release tension, connect to spirit and find peace, love, forgiveness and health. 


However for many; meditation is difficult. Difficult to find time to do it; more difficult to remain focused on it.  Thinking of nothing is not as easy it sounds.  My meditation techniques are quick and simple for that reason.  I have also struggled to think of nothing and find small quick guided meditations to be the most effective way of balancing emotions caused by stress and day to day living.


My meditation classes and courses are designed to give you a number of techniques to enable you to care for your emotional and mental health.  Alternatively they are a quick time out with a little bit of guided teaching to help you with improving situations that are impacting on your life.


Contact us to discuss courses, have a personal learning session or join a weekly class.   Classes are subject to interest.


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