Flower Essence Consults

I am an experienced practitioner in both

  • Bach Flower Essences  Which are based on English flowers
  • Australian Bush Flower Essences  Which are based on Australian Flowers


You may be familiar with Rescue Remedy which is found at pharmacies.  This is a brilliant essence to comfort and reassure when life is causing you anxiety and stress.  I would highly recommend everyone carry some; if not for you then for others who are not coping. 


However flower essences can do so much more.  Each flower has the ability to bring a power house of change in many physical and emotional matters. 

A consult can provide a way of creating a combination mix to address the issues you are facing. Most importantly flower essences are perfectly safe and do not adversely interact with any medication or pregnancy.


Contact us to arrange a consult or to just replace a bottle of essence.

  • 30 Min Consult  $60 (includes one dose bottle)
  • 1 Dose Bottle    $15
  • 1 Spray Bottle   $20


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