Caring For Your Energy 

This course is designed to give you a number of techniques to manage your energy.  Every day we are energetically interacting with people.  Some people give us energy with their love and wisdom.  Some people drain our energy with their fears and ego.  Sometimes we experience an event that just upsets or scares us unexpectedly like an accident, death, or the end of a relationship.  The techniques I will give you will help you to call your energy into your body and ground it.  They will also teach you to clean your energy and protect it.  This course will also give you information on common crystals, essential oils and flower essences that can also be of use when you are struggling to do this work yourself. 
This course is different to the chakra course which goes into the energy centres more specifically.  It is possible do this course or the chakra course in any order. This course is $150.00 for one day.


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This course is multifaceted as it not only goes through the 7 main energy centres in your body namely your chakras, it also gives you two quick meditation techniques for each chakra to help you care for and maintain these energy centres in good working order.  Each chakra has a purpose and helps  guide you through your life.  Understanding these energy centres will give you the ability to work through some of the issues affecting your life.
This course builds on my course on “Caring for your Energy” which provides general techniques but it is possible to do these two courses in any order. This course is $150.00 for one day.


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Intuitive Healing

Some of us are naturally designed to want to help others.  The first time I was taught healing techniques I understood very clearly that I was a healer and meant to assist people with my gift.  Other people are not interested in helping the general public but would love to understand some basic ways to assist their friends and family. My Intuitive Healing course is designed to start you on this journey and to build your confidence.  More importantly it is designed to give you an understanding of basic methods of protecting your energy and that of your client or loved one.  In particular it is important that you channel this healing energy cleanly to ensure that it comes from spirit and not from your ego. This two day course will enable you to feel comfortable that you have the skills to safely help people energetically.  This was important in my journey and gave me the foundation for my healing practices.  Other courses can then build on this foundation and give you more techniques that will resonate with your healing gifts and interests. This course is $300.00 for two days.


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If you are interested in a course and it is not already on the event calendar then send me an email or call me and we can co-ordinate one or I can put you down on my list of interested people for a future event.