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Collette Baron Reid   -Collette is based in Canada now and does a number of courses in Arizona. I love her daily oracle cards and start most days with them.  She also has a lovely insightful weekly blog.  She has written a number of easy to understand books – “The Map” being an interesting take on looking at your life as a map.

Collette Baron Reid


Flying Souls Institute of Healing  - is based in Sandringham Victoria and was founded by Karina Godwin. Flying Souls has had a major inpact on my life.  Much of my learnings have been from Karina and her team.  Her healers and body therapist are of the highest quality.  She notices the details and goes to great effort to provide nothing but the best loving service.  

Flying Souls


Jane Buick – is based in Heidelberg Victoria.  Jane is not only a qualified naturopathy, reflexologist, and intuitive healer but my most favourite masseur.  She is the only person who has managed to relax me enough to drift off and float.  Even when her hands leave your body she maintains the energetic connection so you never notice a difference in the flow of her work. I regularly seek Jane out as one of my support people to help me when I need healing. 

Jane Buick


Erica Morris  - is based in Berwick which puts her completely on the other side of the city to me but she also has been one of my intuitive healers over time. I have watched Erica blossom and went to Mind Body and Spirit to specifically hear her Soul Song. I loved how the sound resonated through my body and created healing and awareness. I have already done sound healing work and know that I resonate with toning and sound techniques so I recently I did her “Bring out your Sound” course and loved it.  Courses and healing with Erica will gentle and powerful.

Erica Morris


Mark Luke – is based in Ivanhoe and is also an intuitive healer I have worked with.  Sometimes it is helpful to do some of our healing work with a person of the opposite sex but it can be hard to find male healers.  Mark’s healing style includes shamanism although I personally haven’t had him do much of that with me but his energy is beautifully gentle and sometimes more gentle than a female.

Mark Luke



Australian Bush Flower Essences – Use this website if you have an interest in Flower Essences.  There are a number of courses to help you understand how to use the flowers or to buy various products.  Some blends have already been developed by Ian White to assist with common issues like Women’s Essence for hormonal balance, or Cognis for studying.  But if you would like a blend specific to you then look at my other services.

Australian Bush Flower Essences


Rainbow Eagle Wellbeing Centre  - Bobby Running-Fox is based in Mt Nathan Nerang Queensland.  Bobby is a Cherokee Indian and brings his family teachings to his work.  He has a number of courses specific to his background and often does sweat lodges.  He also travels Australia doing his courses.   Bobby helps people to connect to their I AM guide which is an amazing experience to feel this connection.

Rainbow Eagle Wellbeing Centre