About Me


About Me

SOUL INTENT HEALING CENTRE was founded by Megan Hanlon


The Name

The Centre was named as a result of my own journey. Whilst I managed to keep my career and work life moving forward in a positive and strong way, my personal life was less than ideal. As I moved into my thirties and found a way out of the mess of my twenties, a small but simple change bought the rug out from under me and I ended up with depression.



Soul Intent Healing Centre is the silver lining of this journey.



In an effort to find my way out of depression, I concluded I was not a victim in my life and that these negative experiences had a purpose. We would not come to this world to live a life of unhappiness. Why would we do this to ourselves? So I decided I was a powerful being who had put these unexpected experiences into my life to learn. I further concluded that I would not have put any lesson in my life if I was not capable of learning it. It might not have been correct but it couldn’t be any worse than what I was already feeling. I also came to realised that I have always had the support around me and more if I asked. I decided my soul had an intention, I just didn’t know what it was at this time in my life.


It was also during this period I discovered Flying Souls Institute of Healing and other healing modalities. My interesting life finally made sense when I realised I was a healer and these teachings showed me a way of changing my thinking from negative to positive, purposeful and abundant. Through my own work and the care of other amazing healers my life makes more sense and I move into lessons with ease because of my understanding and trust in the universe. My life is full of love and abundance and I would like to use my journey and experiences to help you with yours. To help show you what your soul is teaching you and to empower you to step into the journey and learn. Happiness is possible.



Your soul is on a journey that you designed. Your situations and experiences have been created to bring you lessons that help your soul to learn and grow. Your beliefs and perceptions; regardless of what caused them; are the direct result of the experiences you have had to date. They have the power to influence the experiences and lessons you have in the future. You have the required support and skills to learn these lessons and in doing so you will achieve a life that you find more loving and fulfilling. My role is to help you understand your soul’s intention when it created the experiences you are having. To help you understand the purpose of the lessons you designed in this life and to help you to achieve them. Everything is for a reason and comes with so much opportunity to grow and to see and understand the silver lining.


Megan's Qualifications

My career has included being a qualified accountant or Finance Manager for over twenty years and its highlights have involved working for the Royal Children’s and Women’s hospital and numerous not for profit organisations including ones that work with drug and alcohol, autism and offenders.

I have also spent over ten years learning healing techniques and have experience and qualifications in many modalities.


I am a qualified Meliae Intuitive Healer. This is a form of intuitive healing that has been recently trademarked by Flying Souls Institute of Healings as its own modality. This technique is recognised by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapies.


I have attended other courses by Flying Souls (who work with the angelic realm in particular) in abundance, soul love, crystals, embracing your goddess, awakening your intuition and advance healing techniques.


Megan is qualified to work with Bach Flower Essences and Australian Bush Flower Essences.


I have also found that I have a particular interest in shamanic healing modalities and tend to incorporate these principles in my healing methods. I have learnt sound healing techniques and may use drums, rattles, singing bowls, crystals and essential oils in particular. Bobby Runningfox, Darpan, and Phoenix Institute have also been key places of learning.